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About 200 families a month are served by the food pantry. Because of the current economic conditions, the number of families needing assistance is growing.

Food pantry volunteers mainly work on Wednesday and Saturday mornings to set up the food pantry and work with our clients to gather their food. Volunteers are also needed for fundraising and other projects. 

If you are not able to help on a weekly basis, we could still use your help for special food drives such as "Stamping Out Hunger."

We appreciate donations of unexpired food. 

Collection bins are located at Pick n Save stores on Capitol Drive and Silvernail.


The food pantry is currently struggling to serve the number of families in need. For example, each week we distribute 250-300 cans of soup and vegetables, 50-75 cans of fruit, 50 boxes of cereal, 100 cans of tuna, 50 boxes of pasta, etc.

Each week those supplies NEED to be replenished. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated to help our neighbors in need.

We find that during the extended-summer season – from May through October – is the most difficult time for us to keep food on our shelves. School is out, so demands are up. Families are on vacation, so donations are down drastically.


We update a list of our needs on Facebook each week. Please check there for our updated list. 

The food pantry does not just distribute food. We provide our clients with a variety of household products including: 

  • Cleaning products 

  • Paper products 

  • Diapers 

  • Feminine hygiene products 

  • Health and beauty aids 

Our shelves are often bare for one type of product, so community organizations will sometimes hold a special collection or drive on items on the list above. 

Do you have a garden? The food pantry accepts fresh produce for our clients from your bountiful harvest. 







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